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More than just a good event.

Reach your goals, holding business events aligned to a winner strategy.

Tree House will provide you the advice, support and capabilities you need; to design winner strategies and implement them in your business events to achieve your milestones.

Need help?

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How can we help you?

Visibility and structure.  Align all your business efforts in a single line of communication.


No more organizational failures, lost time, missed tasks, or bad experiences for your guests.


Our organizational methodology will allow you to map and control each stage in your project development, generate the right conditions and connect with your attendees to achieve your business goals.

Our solutions.

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Business Events.

Planning, logistics and organization of conventions, congresses, launches and  business meetings.


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Travel Experiences.

Incentive and business trips, national and international.



Virtual Events.

Design and production of hight impact online events.



Digital Lunch.

Online business strategies to create sales systems in online business models.


Working with us.

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More than 15 years of experience in organizing corporate events.

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Network alliances and suppliers worldwide, to achieve any challenge you propose.

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More than 950 projects carried out successfully throughout our history.

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We are one of the few event organizers that understands and integrates the digital age into our solutions. 

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More than 80,000 satisfied attendees to the events we have held.

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We not only organize and produce the event, we align all your efforts to a strategy, so that you really achieve your goals. 

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We count  with an experienced and structured team that will support you throughout the process.

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We implement a working methodology to ensure that all suppliers involved in your event; work and are certified in sanitary protocols, to ensure the safety of your guests.

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We have the capability to hold your event anywhere in the world.

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Through technology, we measure and obtain information to generate reports, databases and metrics for your event.

Why should you work with Tree House?


Organizing a business event requires a great deal of time and energy.  

Focus your attention on your day-to-day activities and allow a team of specialists to help you plan your event.


  • Communication and creative strategies.

  • Organization and planning of the event.

  • Picture and comunication.

  • Content development.

  • Selection of the venue and venue.

  • Coordination of your suppliers.

  • Operation and logistics of your event.

  • Comprehensive management of your project.


Ensure the quality of your event.

You have a wide network of qualified suppliers, in national and international destinations; and the specialized staff that will accompany you throughout your experience to ensure the success of your event.


  • Land, air and sea transfers.

  • Tours and group activities.

  • Audiovisual production.

  • Health protocols.

  • Local service.

  • Hotel and enclosure.

  • Catering.

  • Hostesses and hostesses.

  • Staff in the operation of your event.

First the safety of your guests.

Today more than ever it is necessary that you consider the issue of the safety of your guests as a priority for your event to be a success. Having the appropriate advice and certified providers in sanitary protocols will allow you to provide confidence and security to your guests.

  • Punctual information on the logistics of transfers for your guests.

  • Sanitary protocols in enclosures.

  • Assembly restrictions.

  • Certified destination supply networks.

  • Advice on travel insurance issues.

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Integrate digital into your events.

Events have changed and integrating technology into your events is a challenge. Nowadays events take place in digital and face-to-face environments at the same time. Surround yourself with experts who understand technology and allow you to boost your results.


  • Platforms for high impact virtual events.

  • Technological tools to interact during the event.

  • Automated registration systems.

  • Payment gateways to monetize your events.

  • Audiovisual production to transmit your concepts in virtual environments.

Boost your business through technology.

Jump into digital and create an online sales system through the digital launch strategy, which will allow you to reach large audiences and strengthen new commercial channels for your products or services through an online event.

  • Communication strategy.

  • Design and implementation of the sales system.

  • Dissemination, communication and design.

  • Launch online.

  • Metrics and results.

  • Optimization


Everything is based on trust.

For more than 15 years, we have known great clients and friends. We believe in building long-term relationships and we understand the value of trust. For this reason, our commitment is and will always be to offer excellent services and exceed your expectations with quality, innovation and professionalism.

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